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Slowly trying to learn how to garden

My mother-in-law's house has a front lawn (which is totally outside of the realm of my experience) and a back lawn (ditto) and 7-8 well-established rose bushes that I adore.

Dee takes care of the lawn, I try to take care of the rose bushes. I'm trying laying down weed barrier and rocks over it to keep weeds from choking the rose bushes (and making it look like an overgrown mess). I'm also trying to carefully cut spent flowers off, the vague cry of "deadheading" in my ears.

I just noticed some sort of powdery mildew on the roses on one side of the lawn. Even the rose novice knows that is a bad, bad thing. :/

Fic: Like A Leaf on the Wind

For the not-yet-filmed Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion web series "Con Man"

Shameful fannish confessions

I keep confusing "Orphan Black" and "Orange Is The New Black" in my memory.

Escapade lalalalalala!

Had a fantastic time (again!) at Escapade, and am home with all sorts of excitement and urge to DO ALL THE THINGS! DO ALL THE VIDDING AND THE FIC WRITING AND THE SHOW WATCHING AND AND AND AND!!!

However, top excitements are:
- I submitted things to the art show! 5 necklaces (4 "Avengers" necklaces, and a pearl necklace based of the description in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander), and 4 out of 5 sold! And the one that didn't sell I got some lovely comments on and I watched someone waffle longingly over, so it wasn't because it wasn't cool that it didn't sell (AND that's the one Dianne liked the most so she got it!)

- I connected with SO MANY PEOPLE this weekend. I usually get weird and twitchy and it takes me longer than I'd like to calm down and enjoy myself. This time, it seemed to take less time, and I just randomly talked with a bunch of people and had a blast.

- I assistant-ran Vid Review (with Killa, who did most of the work). Awesome fun, and I felt really good up there.

- I showed a vid-in-progress to someone who wants it as a premiere for a VividCon show! ***SQUEE*** :)

So basically now I need to make 500 necklaces for next year's art show, and make ALL THE VIDS for VividCon (seriously, I have a solid idea for one vid show, a longing to do one for another vid show (although not yet a solid idea) and I want to see if I can do a premiere and a challenge as well).

AND I think I'll be bidding on a vidder in the auction, too. Because I'm crazy and hyper and happy that way.

Fannish life

- caught up on Doctor Who
- Almost caught up with Sleepy Hollow
- Catching up with Agents of Shield so that we can watch Agent Carter

I'm really enjoying Agents of Shield -- it's actually managing to not fall into stupid traps, which I appreciate.

ETA: Just watched another ep... Kyle MacLachlin is having WAY TOO MUCH FUN being crazy-kins.


Dianne said it best... farewell to my baby.

Ten (and a half) is too damn young. I'm heartbroken.



On one hand, my very religiously conservative uncle, who could not bring himself to attend the wedding because he couldn't support it. However, hosting the family for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, he was gracious, loving, and totally welcoming to my wife, and kept responding with confusion as I thanked him for his generosity.

On the other hand, people responding to a newsletter that we just sent out that used a 200 word Kirk/Spock slashfic to draw attention to the Museum of Science Fiction, which has had several people bleating about how homosexuality is aberrant and the Bible says so and we should be ashamed and they're taking their business elsewhere.

Between my uncle's example and their example, I know who I consider to be a genuine follower of Christ's teachings.

Cold as a witch's tit...

Argument that the "Burning Times" directly correlate with the (really really really loosely defined) "Mini Ice Age":


Toby Daye novels

So in 5 days I read ("read" probably not being a good word, "inhaled" or "made like Toby faced with a gallon of coffee after having to make nice with people in caffeine-free land for too long") all 8 Toby Daye novels. Really, really, REALLY good urban fantasy.

More now, plz.



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